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Tromsø Bridge

Coordinates: 69°39′4.68″N 18°58′41.27″E / 69.6513000°N 18.9781306°E / 69.6513000; 18.9781306
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69°39′4.68″N 18°58′41.27″E / 69.6513000°N 18.9781306°E / 69.6513000; 18.9781306

Tromsø Bridge
Tromsø Bridge w/ Tromsø in the background
Coordinates69°39′05″N 18°58′41″E / 69.6513°N 18.978131°E / 69.6513; 18.978131
Total length1,036 metres
Height80 metres
No. of spans58
Clearance below38 metres

The Tromsø Bridge is a road bridge in Tromsø, Norway, connecting Tromsdalen on the mainland with Tromsøya island. The 1,036-metre (3,399 ft) bridge, opened in 1960, was the longest in Northern Europe at the time. It has 58 spans and a maximum clearance of 38 metres (125 ft) to the sea. The bridge replaced a ferry connection and helped boost Tromsø's growth. The bridge is a landmark of Tromsø and is protected against modifications. In 2005, the fencing was raised to prevent suicide.[1][2][3]

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