Type 99 155 mm self-propelled howitzer

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Type 99 155 mm self-propelled howitzer
Type 99 of the JGSDF
Type Self-propelled artillery
Place of origin Japan
Service history
Used by  Japan
Production history
Designed 1985
Number built 93 (2011)
Weight 40 tons
Width 3.2 m
Crew 4

Caliber 155 millimetres (6.1 in)
Traverse 360°
Rate of fire 6 rpm

Armor aluminum
1x Japan Steel Works, 155 mm L52 Artillery Gun
1x 12.7 mm M-2HB machine gun
Engine Mitsubishi 6SY31WA 6-cylinder diesel
600 bhp
Suspension torsion bar
300 km (185 mi)
Speed 49.6 km/h

Type 99 155 mm self-propelled howitzer (99式自走155mm榴弾砲 kyuu-kyuu-shiki-jisou-155mm-ryuudan-hou?) is a self-propelled howitzer of the Japan Self-Defense Forces (JSDF).[1]

Overview[change | change source]

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. was the primary contractor, developing the main gun and the turret. The vehicle is powered by a diesel engine.

Type 99s are supplementary to the Type 75 155 mm self-propelled howitzer.[2]

In a period of planned force reduction, the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force (JGSDF) planning calls for additional Type 99s.[1]

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