Uíge Province

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Caxito-Uíge Road
Caxito-Uíge Road
Map of Angola with the Uige province highlighted
Map of Angola with the Uige province highlighted
Coordinates: 7°37′S 15°03′E / 7.617°S 15.050°E / -7.617; 15.050Coordinates: 7°37′S 15°03′E / 7.617°S 15.050°E / -7.617; 15.050
Alvor AgreementJanuary 15, 1975
 • Land22,663 km2 (8,750 sq mi)
 • Total800,000

Uíge (pronounced: "Weej"), [1] is one of the eighteen provinces of Angola.[2] It is in the northwestern part of the country.[3] The capital city is Uíge. There are 500,000 people. The Beu Forest Reserve is in the province.

The province was badly damaged during the long civil war. Many buildings were destroyed. Many people had to move.

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