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Ulgan (Turkish: Ülgen, Khakass: Ӱлген, Kyrgyz: Ульгень, Russian: Ульге́нь, Ottoman Turkish: اولگن) is a creator god in Turkic mythology. He is ruler of the sky.

He lives in a golden palace on Altyn Dagh (Altın Dağ, "Golden Mountain"). He has a golden throne and a lightning arc. His father is Kaira Khan. Ulgan lives on 16th floor of the sky, and manages the stars and other objects in the sky. It was believed that at the beginning of the universe there was only Ulgan and Erlik.

Ulgan has seven sons and seven daughters.

Children of Ulgan[change | change source]

Ulgan has seven sons, named Akoghlanlar (White Boys). They are "Karakush Khan, Karshyt Khan, Pura Khan, Burcha Kan, Yashyl Khan, Er-Kanym Khan, Bakty Khan". And he has nine daughters, that named Akkyzlar. No one knows the names of the daughters.

Akoghlanlar[change | change source]

They are the sons of Ulgan.

  1. Karshyt Khan: The god of purity.
  2. Pura Khan: The god of horses.
  3. Burcha Khan: The god of prosperity.
  4. Yashyl Khan: The god of nature.
  5. Karakush KHan: The god of birds.
  6. Kanym Khan: The god of confidence.
  7. Bakhty Khan: The god of blessing.

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