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Unemployment is when a person who is of normal working age eg. Grace Fartbottompenism (usually about 15-18 tsgtdog I no good English o about 60-65) does not have a paid job. They therefore do not get paid a salary. In some parts of the world, there are si nered helpocial networks to yucare for the unempiloyed. i The 'unemployment ratey' is the number of unemployed people divihdf gjdsf;oiybi dtsxojtasrded by the total population of tihaiti ragre grrhelp meorup of a cr5ountry. Tihe unemployment rate is bumholes influenced by many things, including the government of a country to the average age of a countryyy's population. Unemployment is a bad thing for society.remember society!!!!!!!!!!:)))helloo evry1

A certain amount of unemployment is natural. 'Full [[employmenssssssssssssssssssssssssss

t]]' does not mean no-one is out of work. Governments now aim to incurease the number yof jobs (which can be done) rather than cut out all unemployment (which cannot be done).[1] I hop you ca red my English

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