Union of Azerbaijani Writers

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Union of Azerbaijani Writers
Azərbaycan Yazıçılar Birliyi
FormationJune 13, 1934
TypeOrganization for Azerbaijani writers, poets and publicists
Legal statusActive
HeadquartersBaku, Azerbaijan
Region served
Official language

The Union of Azerbaijani Writers (Azerbaijani: Azərbaycan Yazıçılar Birliyi) is the largest public organization of Azerbaijani writers, poets and publicists. It has over 1500 members at present. It was founded on June 13, 1934.[1] At this time Azerbaijan was a part of the Soviet Union as the Azerbaijan Soviet Socialist Republic.[2]

It is currently chaired by the writer Anar since 1987.[1] He is the son of writer Rasul Rza. Rza was the chairman between 1938–1939.[1]

Chairmen[change | change source]

Chairman of Union of Azerbaijani Writers
# Period Name Role
1. 1934–1936 Mammadkazim Alakbarli Chairman
2. 1936–1938 Seyfulla Shamilov Chairman
3. 1938–1939 Rasul Rza Chairman
4. 1939–1940 Suleyman Rahimov Chairman
5. 1941–1944 Samad Vurgun Chairman
6. 1944–1945 Suleyman Rahimov Chairman
7. 1945–1948 Samad Vurgun Chairman
8. 1948–1954 Mirza Ibrahimov Chairman
9. 1958–1965 Mehdi Huseyn Chairman
10. 1965–1968 Ismayil Shykhly Chairman
11. 1970–1986 Mirza Ibrahimov Chairman
12. 1975–1981 Imran Gasimov Chairman
13. 1981–1987 Ismayil Shykhly Chairman
14. 1987–present Anar Chairman

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