Unionist Party (Punjab)

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The Unionist Party (Punjab) was a political party of the Punjab, British India. It was founded by Sir Fazli Husain, Sir Chotu Ram and Sir Sikandar Hayat Khanin 1923 and basically represented the Punjabi zamindar (rural/agrarian)interests. The party was secular in nature and believed in a strong and united Punjabi entity, bringing together Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs and other communities of this province,

Under the leadership of Sir Sikandar Hayat Khan, the party won the general elections of 1936 and formed a coalition government along with the Indian National Congress and Sikh Akali Dal from 1937 onwards. However, in October 1937, the Muslim members in the party were also allowed to merge with the All India Muslim League by an agreement reached between Sir Sikandar and Mr Muhammad Ali Jinnah at Lucknow. This famous agreement was called the Jinnah-Sikandar Pact.