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"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." --Margaret Mead
That's Wikipedia/Wikimedia should be...but it's not. It's a fruitloop little world of pimple-faced teenagers and grown men seeing who can have the most "edits", the most "barnstars", a place of wikicookies and wikilove and rude, obnoxious and ignorant douchebages who can not write worth a shit and need a good bitch-slap, wasting the first spot in the search engine on crap.

To be held at 185 West Broadway, New York, NY 10013.
Guess where I is at?Bob2002.svg Finger-pointing-icon.pngNew York, NY
OMG, I am like so excited, I think I might pee my pants. I'm going to this thing. I have never actually seen a "Wikipedian" in person, just on the internet.

What's Up, Doc?:)


To whom it may concern: Eye I.jpg Green soda can 3d.svg Aiga drinkingfountain.svg a fifth of 080303 Flasche Grasovka.jpg, shove a Pencil.svg Black Up Arrow.png my Ass (PSF).png and Defecation img 1908.jpg over a Bijoy Keyboard image.jpg and still Hands of God and Adam.jpg a better English Wikipedia article on Dengue fever - screenshot of oldid 502061566.png And dat's the truff.Patada.jpg


I do not actually shove Pencil.svgPencil.svg Black Up Arrow.png my Ass (PSF).png or any other foreign objects for that matter,maybe the occasional gerbilGerbillusgerbillus.PNG I was just making a point.

Jimbo Peeking.gif
At last count this User was the most active Wikipedian in the whole entire freakin UNIVERSE!
Now give me money or kiss my a*s or something.
James Heilman from Moose Jaw, Canada, in charge of ALL of Wikipedia's medical articles, the world's preeminent medical authority. He even has his own Wikipedia page, his is famous. He is my hero, truly he is. You go girl!!!