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If you want to see my time zone in an easier way, then here is my date and current time in my area: Tuesday, 7 April 10:08 pm   UPDATE

Status: Active.
Crystal Clear app clock.svg It is about 22:08 where this user lives.[Purge]
vn-9 This user's talk page has been vandalized 9 times.
Noia 64 apps karm.png This user has been on Simple Wikipedia for
2 months and 15 days.
Caillou logo.pngThis user likes to watch Caillou even if others hate him.
This user likes to play Roblox.
Gamepad.svg This user's high score on Alto’s Adventure is estimated 9,000.

Hello! I like to make constructive edits and revert vandalism. I am friends with Camouflaged Mirage. You may know me from my old account CallMeBlonde929 on FANDOM. My current time is in ET. Click here to see what the current time is in ET.

You can find me on Roblox under the username “BubbleGuppiesFanBoi”.


Because of school, Arthurfan828 will not be very active on weekdays, but should be back to changing pages on weekends (except while doing homework).

Unicorngachalife is my younger sister in real life.

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This section is intended to be funny, please don’t take it seriously.

This user is 838373883736372837738363738377383736382837638383737397373837363839376383937363838636383837378337377373737373782636282737827263828272882828282882828282882829282828288282828382837367272828282882828282828282882828282828288383737637382763637263637272763637282736362728735363728283653628282635 years old.
I like blocking things so you can’t see them and get annoyed lololololol.

Why is this userbox here?

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3DSThis user owns a New Nintendo 3DS XL.
VANDALThis user likes to vandalize Wikipedia.
MAC AND CHEESEThis user likes to eat Mac and Cheese.

If think the second one is a lie, than you are correct!

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I love Caillou

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