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Crystal Clear app clock.svg It is about 4:20 where this user lives.[Purge]
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This user is, of their own desire, no longer active on Simple English Wikipedia.

Don’t worry! I am not completely gone from the Internet. You can still find me at!


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Funny joke userboxes

This section is intended to be funny, please don’t take it seriously.

This user is 838373883736372837738363738377383736382837638383737397373837363839376383937363838636383837378337377373737373782636282737827263828272882828282882828282882829282828288282828382837367272828282882828282828282882828282828288383737637382763637263637272763637282736362728735363728283653628282635 years old.
I like blocking things so you can’t see them and get annoyed lololololol.

Why is this userbox here?


2 truths and one lie about me

3DSThis user owns a New Nintendo 3DS XL.
VANDALThis user likes to vandalize Wikipedia.
MAC AND CHEESEThis user likes to eat Mac and Cheese.

If think the second one is a lie, than you are correct!

Fun Game

I love Caillou