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I used to edit more on simple but have been too tied up with other projects like the Wikipedia Schools Selection.

My real name is Andrew Cates and I am a mathematician/ theologian who downshifted from an oil company in 2004 and now works for a child sponsorship charity (see at en where more details are offered). It was working in Africa which gave me the original motivation to move to the charitable sector. The charity of course decided there was a need for an offline Wikipedia for schools in the developing world but we have been a bit overtaken by the popularity in the developed world as well. I work in Cambridge where the charity has its UK offices.

At Meta and Foundation I use my real name meta:User:AndrewCates(talk) but everywhere else I have BozMo as a single login. In time I will migrate but the stewards are a bit busy for now.

My email works everywhere on single logon and if I am around it will get to me in a day or less.