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Hello, My name is Mahendra Kumar Niraula.Sworup raj is my nick name. I am at the age of 21 right now & I just study in college where I use little English in some subjects so that I feel hard to understand the technical words used in Wikipedia .My parents don't understand English anymore therefore I wish to learn English better than that I am speaking now. I was born in ishibu small vdc which is situated at terathum district in Nepal .I grew up & educated within this village in panoramic atmosphere where I was quite willing to know English but I was in very weak condition therefore I tried my best to learn English language from my heart so for this I joined the basic course of English language & went on speaking practice to English peoples along with learning.While I was studying in class 10 up to that time I was quite weak at English but after SLC I got chance to learn English better therefore I feel now I am just in moderate way.I found the English Wikipedia is easier than in any other language because we can write any articles in English language that can be understood by those who have little knowledge of English. I am from Nepal where English language is spoken in just academic sectors only & no it is used in official language a part from academy. So we have little chance to learn English. I am interested in learning new things,making new friends from all over the world.Here in English Wikipedia I am trying to be a writer in the near future so I hope my desire would soon be true. I have just started few articles writing in English from here related place.My key hobbies are: travelling in English speaking countries at least once,collecting some new articles for Wikipedia, learning English language moreover to become fluent, making friendships with those who are affable, empathic & sharing every woes & happiness to counterpart. I hope all the Wikipedia writer like my introduction & if I have any error here I will be glad to make me correct.That's it.