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In this userspace:

Things to check:

  • Should have instructions. Add or import a documentation page, if necessary.
  • Add and fix categories:
    • should be categorised by topic, type and function,
    • every template should be in at least one template category,
    • it may also be helpful to sort groups of subtemplates together.
  • If a template should always be substituted, it should have {{subst only}} on its /doc page, or be added to the tracking category.
  • If a template is used by Twinkle, it should have {{twinkle standard installation}} on its /doc page, or be added to the tracking category.
  • Add interwikis, if applicable. Can use AWB to help with this.
  • Is in use, or is able to be used and has not been superseded.
  • There are no duplicates.
  • After each page is processed, scan the templates for those that should be added to any of the following:
  • For templates used by interface pages, add {{used in system}} to the top of the documentation