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Remaining taxobox templates

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These have been embedded through transclusions of the actual {{taxobox}} template, probably through this implementation of {{taxobox/core}}.

Status system categories

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Taxobox/species categorises pages by values passed to the |status system= and |status= fields. If no status system is specified, pages get dumped in the parent categories and into a maintenance category (Category:Taxoboxes needing a status system parameter). If a status system is specified, but does not activate any of the switches in the template, it puts the page into Category:Taxoboxes with an unrecognised status system. If no conservation status is given, or if the status given is unrecognised, the page is added to Category:Invalid conservation status.

7 parent categories
  1. Category:Species extinct in the wild
  2. Category:Critically endangered species
  3. Category:Endangered species
  4. Category:Vulnerable species
  5. Category:Near Threatened species
  6. Category:Least Concern species
  7. Category:Domesticated animals
9 categories for IUCN classifications
  1. Category:IUCN Red List extinct species
  2. Category:IUCN Red List extinct in the wild species
  3. Category:IUCN Red List critically endangered species
  4. Category:IUCN Red List endangered species
  5. Category:IUCN Red List vulnerable species
  6. Category:IUCN Red List conservation dependent species
  7. Category:IUCN Red List near threatened species
  8. Category:IUCN Red List least concern species
  9. Category:IUCN Red List data deficient species
6 categories for EPBC classifications
  1. Category:EPBC Act extinct biota
  2. Category:EPBC Act extinct in the wild biota
  3. Category:EPBC Act critically endangered biota
  4. Category:EPBC Act endangered biota
  5. Category:EPBC Act vulnerable biota
  6. Category:EPBC Act conservation dependent biota
7 categories for NatureServe classifications
  1. Category:NatureServe Presumed Extinct species
  2. Category:NatureServe Possibly Extinct species
  3. Category:NatureServe Critically Imperiled species
  4. Category:NatureServe Imperiled species
  5. Category:NatureServe Vulnerable species
  6. Category:NatureServe Apparently Secure species
  7. Category:NatureServe Secure species
6 categories for QLDNCA classifications
  1. Category:Nature Conservation Act extinct in the wild biota
  2. Category:Nature Conservation Act endangered biota
  3. Category:Nature Conservation Act vulnerable biota
  4. Category:Nature Conservation Act rare biota
  5. Category:Nature Conservation Act near threatened biota
  6. Category:Nature Conservation Act least concern biota