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Coco (she) owns her daddy and simple Wikipedia (the rules say 'no person' may own it, nothing about cats owning it.) Special thanks to Hockeycatcat for creating this.

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Things I do on Simple Wikipedia

  • Fight vandalism
  • Fix citations on existing articles
  • Fix grammar and spelling on existing articles
  • Fix articles that have errors ranging from HTML in them to the wrong coding
  • Correct whatever else I see wrong
  • If there are red/green errors on a page (typically in citations), I also fix them.
  • I work hard to ensure all errors in an article are resolved when I work on them.
  • Occasionally, I will make major improvements to articles as well, but we lack those with knowledge on how to handle some of the errors we face in articles. I have studied and implemented these fixes and can correct them (sometimes pretty fast and sometimes not (i.e., HarvB errors take a long time to fix).


If you would like assistance in being pointed in the right direction and helping you do your best, I would be more than happy to help you. Just post on my talk page, and I will gladly help you. I will not do the work for you, but I will be happy to evaluate it and other editors who have experience and have been on simple Wikipedia for a while. Suppose you are new, getting user messages, or our automated bot stating your edits were reverted. In that case, I advise you to visit our introduction to Simple Wikipedia page for a short tutorial about how and what to do.

PDLs Projects

Simple Wikipedia does not have "projects;" however, users can have them and host them as subpages. My projects are at User:PotsdamLamb/Project.

Currently in progress

If I reverted your edits

If you want to contact me about reverting your edits, please post on my talk page.

However, I probably would have explained it on your talk page. You can ping me to your talk page by using {{ping|PotsdamLamb}} or {{re|PotsdamLamb}} or {{yo|PotsdamLamb}}.

Personal attacks

Any personal attacks on me or another editor are not taken lightly, and a stern warning will be posted on your talk page and your talk page alone. I will not post it on my talk page or entertain anything you say about it on my page.

Handling discussions

Discussions that start on one page should stay there. I do not like bouncing around; other readers would like to read the full discussion and not have to go over the pages to find and follow it. I will also tell you this and copy the conversation over.

Some pretty helpful links

These are not all policies (policies will have a (p) at their end). Otherwise, it is recommended that you read essays from various editors on Simple.

  • Notability of persons, places, groups, etc. (p)
  • Basic English combined wordlist
  • Wikipedia Abbreviations - This is on the English Wikipedia. We do not use many of these abbreviations because we are set up.
  • EN:Wikipedia:Edit summary legend - Edit summary legend - When making changes, you should always leave an edit summary, and to keep it as a summary, use the abbreviations found here.
  • Wikipedia:Simple Stub Project - This is our simple stub project. All articles that are very short need to have a stub on them. This guide covers how to do that and the other criteria we use. It also lists all of the stubs we use. Do not add stubs to this page without a discussion on the talk page.
  • Category:Stub_categories - This category contains all stub articles within a certain stub.
  • Category:Wikipedia_templates—This is a list of our main templates. Please do not edit them if you do not know what you are doing. Anything you put on them will break or update the entire site and cause many issues. If you want these updated or create a new one, please feel free to leave a message on my talk page or post on WP:Simple talk. These do have to be changed to work on our pedia. So if something is not working as expected, that is probably why.
  • Wikipedia:Useful_pages - This is a list and description of useful pages explaining how to do everything on simple Wikipedia.
  • WP:Consensus - Used when a proposal is created that will have a major effect and also where a dispute may arise (p)
  • WP:MERGE - This specifies and is used with consensus. The big takeaway is that all merge discussions must last at least five (5) days from the date and time it was opened (not merely the date). (p)
  • One of the best categories to use (modified) to find new pages that are almost always subject to QD or RfD Pages not connected to items (Articles only)

Dealing with LTAs and other vandals

I firmly believe in not entertaining their ideas or even commenting on their nonsense. There are some I absolutely will not comment on, and I will not even make any warnings on their talk pages as I know who they are. When you "feed the trolls," you invite them to continue any attacks on you and make yourself a target. This takes away from your time as a productive editor. Even if you comment on vandals and LTAs (including block/glock evaders), you must remain civil. It is a pillar on all Wikipedia sites. Name-calling, personal attacks, and the like all violate the pillar and are likely the reason someone got blocked/glocked in the first place, and you do not want to find yourself also blocked.

If you want something

I can help create templates, user boxes, and other things. I did have a bot that handled archiving talk pages. However, due to a break of over a year, it went disabled and remains as another bot now handles it. Just let me know on my talk page.


I am on IRC, using Libra.Chat; however, my backup is Freenode. Feel free to chat with me, but I may block you if you are not registered. Consider that a warning. My IRC handle is the same, PotsdamLamb. (Sometimes, it may show with an underscore or two after it due to logging in on my phone and computer at or near the same time or logging on without logging off of one or the other.) This is an authenticated account cloaked to verify who I am and that I match my unified user account.

My current rights on Simple Wikipedia as of February 13, 2024


My rights across Wikipedia

Fun things I have learned throughout Wikipedia

  • How to properly create a commons category completely filled out and attached to articles without errors.
  • Wikidata - I still have some issues with it as so many spam entries get created but one link to it means it can’t be deleted plus many other rules.

Fun facts about me

  • I placed 5th in an international cooking competition for my age group in 2023.
  • My cats own me, I do not own them!
  • I have had dinner and drinks with two celebrities and lunch with one.

Barnstars I have received

The da Vinci Barnstar
You deserve the da Vinci Barnstar for your outstanding service in technical work, especially link repair. Haoreima (talk) 06:55, 5 May 2021 (UTC)

The Categorisation Barnstar
For your tireless work, we reduced the number of uncategorized articles from three digits to one! Darkfrog24 (talk) 01:26, 15 June 2021 (UTC)


Let me know if you want one made for you on my talk page. It must adhere to the following:

  1. The image you want to use must be on commons and not under a deletion review.
  2. It must adhere to all Wikipedia guidelines and meet the 5 pillars of Wikipedia.

Articles I have substantially improved

Joel H. Cohen

Committed Identity and OpenPGP Key

Committed identity: 55970a44528371bb73f2e2fca78294d360fe295b3ea7dabed1245e75c2e052b26849512c56bd987ed73ddc834232e423f914dbd2e1c8f2133743e94289657558 is a SHA-512 commitment to this user's real-life identity.

OpenPGP Public Key: 989C8CC82802FD920ED9B1A70B6422319909A9D8

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