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Today is Friday, July 1, 2022, and the current time is 17:20 (UTC/GMT). There are currently 213,077 articles.

Da Lamb is

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Simple English
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Things I do on Simple Wikipedia[change | change source]

  • Fight vandalism
  • Fix citations on existing articles
  • Fix grammar and spelling on existing articles
  • Fix articles that have errors ranging from HTML in them to the wrong coding
  • Correct whatever else I see wrong

If I reverted your edits[change | change source]

If you want to contact me about me reverting your edits, please post on my talk page.

However, I probably would have explained on your talk page. You can ping me to your talk page by using {{ping|PotsdamLamb} or {{re|PotsdamLamb}} or {{yo|PotsdamLamb}}.

IRC[change | change source]

I am on IRC. I am using 'Libra.Chat', however, my backup is Freenode. Feel free to chat with me on there, but I may block you if you are not registered. Consider that a warning. My IRC Handle is the same, PotsdamLamb.

My current rights on Simple Wikipedia as of May 16, 2021[change | change source]


Da Kitties![change | change source]

Picture of my cat Aria
This is Aria
Fun facts about Aria:

1. She had her canines surgically removed when she was 2

2. She follows commands and walks on a leash.

3. She plays fetch and hide 'n seek.

4. She loves sleeping on my stomach and if I move, she literally screams at me (even if I am sleeping).

5. She has to be at my side at all times.

6. She always has 2 paws on me and her tail is wrapped around my arm (hence her nickname of 'Monkey Tail').

7. She is protective of me and my room and will not let my roommate's cat near me and she will attack him.

8. She actually says the word "No" especially at bath time (both my roommate and my landlord have verified this).

9. She likes to fart on me for some oddball reason.

10. She has what I call her happy purr. It is a mix of her yawning, meowing, sighing, and purring loud all at the same time. Typically after she does this, she puts her head in my armpit and starts snoring.
Coco's first night
Coco with her favorite toy
Coco half asleep
Coco in her favorite spot
The first picture is the night I brought her home off the streets and gave her a bath and dried her off. The other three I just took on June 28, 2022. She absolutely loves chasing the stick around, especially in circles. She also has this affinity toward the water. She loves playing in the water. When the water fountain gets filled it takes about one minute for her to empty it out on the floor and splash it everywhere and play in it. Then she gets her cute face going like “I didn’t do anything daddy” as I follow the water-made paw prints from the water bowl to wherever she is.

Some details about me[change | change source]

Born in Germany (Army Base) US Army Military Police for 5 years
Former IT Manager for 20 years Love my rescue cat Aria and my new rescue kitten Coco
Pronouns are he, him, his I do have an old account that I no longer use which is why over there (-->) it says I’ve been on Wikipedia longer than this account has been created.
I am a security Captain with ~230 officers under my command when I am on shift. I work 12-hour shifts, 6 nights a week (sometimes they are nice and give me two days off in a row) This user's birthday is February 22. He is old enough to know better but still young enough to not care. A/k/a now mid-40s.

Barnstars I have received[change | change source]

Vitruvian Barnstar.png The da Vinci Barnstar
For your outstanding service in technical work, especially for link repairing, you deserve the da Vinci Barnstar. Haoreima (talk) 06:55, 5 May 2021 (UTC)

Categorisation barnstar1b.png The Categorisation Barnstar
For your tireless work as we reduced the number of uncategorized articles from three digits to one! Darkfrog24 (talk) 01:26, 15 June 2021 (UTC)

Userboxen[change | change source]

If you want one made for you, let me know on my talk page. It must adhere to the following:

  1. The image you want to use must be on commons and not under a deletion review.
  2. It must adhere to all Wikipedia guidelines and meet the 5 pillars of Wikipedia.

Articles I have substantially improved[change | change source]

Joel H. Cohen

Committed Identity[change | change source]

Committed identity: ce3033ac24569deb7d94e2152c4bccf6c460390c9544ccfef6338524d7d292e55b4a5b1f65a312a30e62d397504435661dd59492f0cf19b518eb8cfab1328019 is a SHA3-512 commitment to this user's real-life identity.

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