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This is a Wikipedia user page.

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Wikipedia Administrators: Click this button to stop/block this user from changing pages. (Remember then to add notice on the talk page) Use ONLY in emergency situations.

Welcome to my Userpage!

Hi, and Welcome to my User Page. I are active at the most time on this Wikipedia.

You can change my page at any time by clicking "Change" above. I act like an admin, but I are NOT an wikipedia administrator, and will have this site clean and controlled using Special:Recentchanges, and I found vandalism, I will REVERT IT IMMEDIATELY. Please left an message to my talk page (hello or so) by clicking HERE or send an e-mail by CLICKING HERE, on the send email image, or the "email this user"-link to the left! I will reply faster to talk page messages than emails, so lefting an message to my talk page is faster to get reply than sending email to me. You can navigate between my pages by using the navbar above, or see the QD log by clicking here! Are you ready too see a scary image? CLICK HERE TO PROCEED!

Below are some input boxes, and can be used to example: search subpages, create an article, and quickly add comment to the talk page.
Search in the subpages using this input box.

Add new section to the talk page using this input box.

Create an article/page using this input box.

Below are three buttons, and below five icons.

Button 1 Button 2 Button 3

Click on a button to go to any page-page choosen is random! If you have lucky, you come to my talk page!

Request page protection to this user page

Request page unprotection to this userpage

Click on the question mark to go to a random page.

Click here to go to the deletion policy.

Click here to go to the Cleanup Page!

  • Click on the closed padlock to request page protection to this userpage.
  • Click on the open padlock to request page unprotection to this userpage.
  • Click on the question mark to go to a random page.
  • Click on the trash bin to go to the deletion policy page.
  • Click on the cleanup icon to go to the cleanup page.

Navigation[change | change source]

Other Wikipedias[change | change source]

Click on the flags to go to the other wikipedias.

The Main English Wikipedia

Swedish Wikipedia

German Wikipedia

Russian Wikipedia

French Wikipedia

Danish (Dansk) Wikipedia

Norwegian (norsk) Wikipedia, bokmål edition

Norsk Nynorsk Wikipedia

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Current date, year and time[change | change source]

Update this page

Universal time Current date
Current year 2019
Current month 09
Current month name September
Current week 38
Current day (number) 21
Current day Saturday
Current timestamp 21:23

Current users[change | change source]

Click here to see a complete list of users

Current statistics # statistics
Total number of pages 517,663
Number of articles 149,515
Number of files 36
Number of changes 6,647,808
Number of users (total) 883,379
Number of administrators 17
Number of active users 772

Icons: Hower over the icon with the cursor to see tooltip which usergroup the user is in.

  • BC=Bureaucrat
  • C =CheckUser
  • O =Oversighter
  • RB=Rollbacker
  • +++ = Very active
  • ++ = Semi active
  • + = Not very active
  • - = Inactive

Most active shows at the top, least active at the bottom.

Note: Users with + or - may have admin rights removed if too much inactive.

Current sysops[change | change source]

Current very active users[change | change source]

Current semi active users[change | change source]

Current user access level (s)[change | change source]

Autoconfirmed user

Current planned travels/wikibreaks or bigger notes[change | change source]

May 2018[change | change source]

  • 19 May: My Birthday, I will have a festive background on my page and talk page
    • Active here? yes

June 2018[change | change source]

  • 10-17 June: I travel to Tenerife, I occasionally change at there (maybe also here), but not very often. More information will come at end of May.
    • Active here? partially, mostly on

My work on Simple English Wikipedia[change | change source]

Like my old account used, Psl85, reverting I vandalism using the tool Twinkle, and tagging bad pages for deletion.

Me on other Wikis[change | change source]

Interwiki[change | change source]


  • + = not very active
  • +++ = semi active
  • +++++ = very active
  • ? = only if a dog has barked
  • X = blocked (XX = no talk active)

External wikis[change | change source]

My account name on those wikis is Psl85

Userboxes[change | change source]

enThis user is a native speaker of the English language.
sv-4 Den här användaren talar svenska på samma nivå som en infödd.
no-2 Denne brukeren har god kjennskap til norsk.
da-1 Denne bruger har et grundlæggende kendskab til dansk.
es-1Este usuario puede contribuir con un nivel básico de español.
This person can write very clearly in Simple English.
Psl631's General Userboxes
No Vandalism.svg This user does NOT like vandalism, and reverting it immediately if this user finds vandalism.

Symbol oppose vote.svg
This user is a member of Wikiproject Anti-Vandalism!
Wikipedia:TwinkleThis user reverts vandalism in the blink of an eye with Twinkle!

vn-15 This user's talk page has been vandalized 15 times.

3+This user has created over 3 article(s).

CVU.svgThis user despises vandalism and reverts it with extreme pride.

vn-9 This user page has been vandalized 9 times.

>:(Vandals don't like this user.

Admin mop question.svg This user acts like an admin, but is not a Wikipedia administrator.


Admin mop question.svg This user is not a Wikipedia administrator but would like to be one someday.

Wikipedia-logo.png This user is a member of

Edit-find-replace.svgThis user is a recent changes patroller.

This user is a male.

This user likes NOT when this user's userpage or talkpage gets vandalized.

No Vandalism.svg This user does NOT like VANDALISM on this WIKIPEDIA, and REVERTS IT IMMEDIATELY.

Sad face.svg This user will be very sad if this user's user page, subpage or talk page gets vandalized. Please do not vandalize this pages. Any user who revert vandalism on my pages will get a "thank you" notification and/or a barnstar.

Milestones[change | change source]

User access levels[change | change source]

Autoconfirmed: Make 10 changes and be here for 4 days. Unlocked while have made 10 changes and have been here for 4 days.

Rollbacker: Make 100 changes, be here for at least 20 days, and make 100 changes or more.
Request rollback

Admin: Make at least 500 changes, be here for 30 days, get awarded at least one barnstar, and do not get blocked on any wiki.
Request adminship

Bureaucrat: Become admin, make 5000 changes, and be here for at least 3 months.
Request bureaucrat privileges

Simple Wikipedia Points[change | change source]

Wikipedia points can be obtained by completing achievements (see below), editing pages, creating articles, and moving, deleting*, protecting pages*, and blocking users*.
*: Can only be made while an admin.

Current points: 380 points

Use this points to request adminship, and other user rights.

Achievements[change | change source]

number of points is listed in the tables

Editing pages[change | change source]

Each change by 500+ bytes increase/decrease gives 1 point per 500 bytes. Reverting vandalism does not count toward this.

Creating pages[change | change source]

Every 500 bytes will award 1 point. If the page was deleted within a 24 hour period will NOT give any points.

Logged actions (moving, deleting, protecting, and blocking users)[change | change source]

Each action will give 10 points if the action was not reversed by another editor within 24 hours. Moves does not count copy-and-paste moves.

Weekly Challenges[change | change source]

New Weekly Challenges will appear every week on your user page. Some challenges are sent to you via email, please check your email and this page to find new challenges.

Each Weekly Challenge completed will award 100 Simple Wikipedia Points, points obtained may vary depending on the difficulty on the challenge.

All completed challenges will give the Wikipedia Points at end date. When a special challenge is completed, you will get an email and a {{You've got mail}}! template on your talk page for every completed special achievement.

Current challenges[change | change source]

  • Make 100 edits or actions using the tool Twinkle!

End date: 23-04-18 at 00:00 (server time)
Reward if completed: 100 Wikipedia Points
Red x.svg Failed.

  • Send 20 emails to other Wikipedia users (not yourself)

End date: 29-04-18 at 00:00 (server time)
Reward if completed: 90 Wikipedia Points

Next challenge will occur: 30-04-18

Achievements[change | change source]

Changing/editing[change | change source]

Achievement name Obtained by... Obtained? Simple Wikipedia Points obtained?
First Edit Make your first change. Yes 5
Autoconfirmed! Get autoconfirmed (make 10 changes and be here for 4 days) Yes 10
Making more edits Make 100 changes Yes 10
Look what I can do! Make 500 changes Yes 45
1000th Edit! Make 1000 changes Yes 50
Experimenced Editor Make 10 000 changes No 100
Template Editor Change 10 templates No 50
Interface Editor Change 10 interface pages (the MediaWiki namespace, requires administrator privileges) No 100
Sooooooooo Manyyyyyyyyyy Edits! Make 50 000 changes No 500
Commenter Start 20 new sections in talk pages. Yes 20
VERY EXPERIENCED EDITOR Make 1 000 000 changes. No 10 000

Page creating[change | change source]

Achievement name Obtained by... Obtained? Simple Wikipedia Points obtained
First Page Create a page in any namespace. Yes 5
First Article Create an article. Yes 10
A Talk Page! Create a talk page (in any talk namespace) Yes 5
More pages! Create 20 pages in any namespace Yes 20
More Articles Create 50 articles No 25
Chatter Create 50 talk pages in any talk namespace Yes 50
EVEN more articles Create 500 articles No 100
Growing the simple wikipedia Create 1000 pages in any namespace. No 200
Talker Create 1000 talk pages in any talk namespace. No 400
The Sky's Limit Create 10 000 pages in any namespace. No 1 000

Logged actions[change | change source]

Achievement name Obtained by... Obtained? Simple Wikipedia Points obtained
First Logged Action! Make any logged action. Yes 10
Moved a page! Move (rename) a page to a different name Yes 15
You should NOT change! Padlock (protect) a page No 20
Poof! Delete a page No 20
...and you should not change! Block an user from changing No 20
Content model changed! Change the content model of a page. No 20
Echo thanks.svg Thank you for the change! Thank a user for their changes. Yes 5
Abuse changer Change one of the abuse filters. No 20
New User Rights! Change the user rights of a user. No 20
Importation! Import a page. No 20

Reverting changes[change | change source]

Achievement Obtained by... Obtained? `Simple Wikipedia Points obtained
Echo editreverted alt 2.svg Edit reverted. Revert an user's change by clicking "undo". Yes 5
Police man Twinkle Head.svg Twinkle rollback Revert an user's change using the tool Twinkle. Yes 10
Wikipedia Rollbacker.svg Rollbacker Revert an user's change by using the "rollback" gadget got by request or from becoming an admin. No 25

Emailing users[change | change source]

Achievement name Obtained by... Obtained? Simple wikipedia points obtained
Echo emailuser icon.svg Email sent! Email any user (including yourself) Yes 5
You have got email! Get emailed by another user. ? 10
Mailer Email 10 users. No 50
More mails got! Get emailed 10 times. No 50
Email address confirmed! Confirm an email address in your options. Yes 25
Emailer Email 100 users. No 500

In case you forget your account password[change | change source]

If you forget your account password (used to log in to the account), click on the button below to reset the password. DO NOT add it to this page, your account will be locked if you do so, or blocked permanently.

Reset password

If you want to change password, usually to make your account safer for another user from logging in to it, click the button below. (DO NOT record it here, your account will be blocked from editing if you do so)

Change account password

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