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I like the idea that a wikipedia exists with children and easy learning in mind. I think that most articles can be made easy to read. The en.wikipedia is is a big use to me but there is a lot of fancy language on some pages so I will like to help out simple.wikipedia if I can.

I am a vegan. This means that the last time I drank blood I had a sore finger and when stuff dies I don't often laugh about it. (wow sounds like real fun huh, it is dont worry)

Carl Lewis was the fastest man in the world for a long time and he also was a vegan and claims it helped him to run so fast.

I am 30 years old.

I appear on and off (I may be here every day for weeks, I may dissapear for months).

When I intend to read a lot of stuff on, I check for the page here and if it is not here, I cut paste and simplify it. This takes some time but I get a good read of the article.

I think I know everything (or else where to find out), so, you will find I spend half my time writing down what everyone here should do and the other half complaining that they are not listening.

I am Irish. We are better than everyone else!!

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