V-Rally 2

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V-Rally 2
Developer(s)Eden Studios
Publisher(s)Infogrames, Electronic Arts, Spike
Need for Speed
Test Drive
Platform(s)PlayStation, Microsoft Windows, Dreamcast
  • EU: 1999
  • NA: October 31, 1999
  • JP: January 27, 2000
Microsoft Windows
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V-Rally 2 is a racing video game. It is the sequel to V-Rally for the PlayStation. It is known in America as Need for Speed: V-Rally 2 and in Europe as V-Rally 2 Championship Edition. The Dreamcast version is known as Test Drive V-Rally in America.

Reviews[change | change source]

Review scores

The game got very good reviews. IGN gave it a 8.5/10 for its graphics and sound effects.

Sequel[change | change source]

A sequel with title V-Rally 3 has been release for PlayStation 2, release in Europe on 2002, and North America on sale March 25, 2003.

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