Vanumotir Khel

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Vanumotir Khel
Created bySubratra RoyProductions
Written bySaswati Ghosh
Directed byProsenjit Roy
StarringShreyosree Roy
Rubel Das
ComposerSnehasish Chakraborty
Country of originIndia
Original languageBengali
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes282 as of 12 December 2018
ProducerSubatra Roy
Production locationKolkata
Running time21 minutes
Production companySubatra Roy Production
Original release
NetworkZee Bangla
Release8 January 2018 –

Bhanumotir Khel is a Bengali television soap opera that premiered on 8 January 2018 and airs on Zee Bangla. It is produced by Subatra Roy. It stars Shreyosree Roy and Rubel Das in lead roles. Bhanumatir Khel took the time slot of Zee Bangla show *Baksho Bodol. On 18 June 2018, The Show took the timeslot of Rangiye Diye Jao.

Plot[change | change source]

Bhanumoti, the daughter of an gouni insignificant magician learns the tricks of the trade at a very young age. Bhanu, a simple schoolgirl in her teens practises magic. Her mother is totally against it, but she cannot help her instincts in putting her talent to use by turning hatred into love and sadness into happiness for persons in trouble. It is her way of sorting out good from evil to better human lives around her in the streets of the city. Meghraj, is also a practicing magician. Son of the super magician, Mahendra Sarkar, for him, magic is a form of art that he performs to entertain people who visit his shows. He has the prerequisites of professional performance – a stage, lights, music, an audience waiting to be entertained; that build the atmosphere for his magic shows. The two meet. He is not only awed by the girl’s quality to convert her magical ability to use the same form of art without any gadgets or ambience, but gets mesmerized by her cause of doing so for the good of society.

Curent Track[change | change source]

Currently in the story of Bhanumotir Khel, after an air crash- Meghraj and Bhanumoti are in two separated spaces. Their daughter Bhelki is growing up with Bhanumoti. Bhelki is also a street magician who is taking care of her ailing mother and fighting against all odds. Bhelki incidentally meets Meghraj several times not knowing that Bhelki is actually her daughter. The main antagonist Mohini Sarkar, impressed with the magic of Bhelki, pays a lot of money to take Bhelki to their house, Jaadumahal. Just before that day she treats Bhelki and her mother in a renowned hotel in the city where incidentally Meghraj and Ahona(Megh’s secretary) also comes for dinner. Will Meghraj meet Bhanumoti?

Cast[change | change source]

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