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Coat of arms of Vestfold
Svenner lighthouse on an island of the coast of Larvik

Vestfold is a former counties in Norway. It bordered Buskerud and Telemark. The county administration was in the city of Tønsberg. Vestfold was west of the Oslo Fjord. The river Numedalslågen runs through the area. Many islands are at the coast. Vestfold is mostly lowland areas. It is among the best agricultural areas of Norway.

On 1 January 2020 the county merged with Telemark to the current county of Vestfold of Telemark

Vestfold used to be a headquarters for whaling fleets. The economy of the coastal towns of Vestfold now is centered around fishing and shipbuilding. Some lumbering is done away from the coast. The district also has some of the best farmland in Norway.

Municipalities[change | change source]

Vestfold Municipalities

Vestfold County has a total of 14 municipalities:

  1. Andebu
  2. Hof
  3. Holmestrand
  4. Horten
  5. Lardal
  6. Larvik
  7. Nøtterøy
  8. Re
  9. Sande
  10. Sandefjord
  11. Stokke
  12. Svelvik
  13. Tjøme
  14. Tønsberg