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Video clips are short videos that are usually silly jokes and funny clips. Short videos on TikTok and YouTube often influence popular culture and internet trends. Such clips are usually taken out of context and have many gags in them.

On the Internet[change | change source]

Video clips gained popularity online. By mid-2006 there were millions of video clips available online,[1] with new websites that offer free video clips to users. Many established corporate sites added the ability to clip existing video content on their websites.[2][3]

Some short videos are Vlogs.[4][5][6]

Short-form videos[change | change source]

Short videos became popular in the 2010s. Snapchat allowed users to share 10-second videos in 2012.[7] Vine allowed videos to be up to 6 seconds long, which helped make famous people like Kurtis Conner, David Dobrik, Danny Gonzalez, Drew Gooden, Liza Koshy, Shawn Mendes, Jake Paul, Logan Paul, and Lele Pons popular.[8][9] Instagram added the ability to share 15-second videos in 2013.[10]

TikTok became the most widely used short-form video app.[11] In 2021, YouTube launched YouTube Shorts for videos up to 60 seconds long.[12]

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