Washington Territory

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Territory of Washington
Organized incorporated territory of the United States
Seal of the Washington Territory of Washington Territory
Seal of the Washington Territory
 • TypeOrganized incorporated territory
• Split from Oregon Territory
March 2, 1853[1]
• Idaho Territory split off
March 4, 1863
• Statehood
November 11, 1889
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Oregon Territory
Nebraska Territory
Idaho Territory
Washington (state)

The Territory of Washington was an organized incorporated territory of the United States. It was a territory from March 2, 1853, until November 11, 1889. In 1889, it became the State of Washington. It was made from Oregon Territory north of the lower Columbia River and north of the 46th parallel east of the Columbia. At its largest, it covered all of Idaho. It also covered Montana and Wyoming. In 1963 it was in its final boundaries.

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