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Watamu Beach

Watamu is a small town located approximately 105 km north of Mombasa and about 15 km south of Malindi on the Indian Ocean coast of Kenya. Its main economic activities are tourism and fishing. The town has a population of around 30,000 in 2020.[1]

Overview[change | change source]

The shoreline in the area features white sand beaches and offshore coral formations. It is rated the third-best beach in Africa, for its crystal clear water and silver sand beaches.

Watamu is home to the Bajuni people. Luo, Kisii, Kikuyu, Kamba, Kalenjin, and Luhyas have all migrated to the area to work in the hotel industry. According to archaeological findings, Watamu is inhabited from the 13th Century.[2] The ruins of Gedi (also known as Gede) are located near Watamu.

Gallery[change | change source]

In popular culture[change | change source]

  • Part of the events in the novel “Our Wild Sex in Malindi” (by Andrei Gusev) takes place in Watamu. The novel describes a few years living in the Malindi's suburb of Russian writer Andy and his wife, Jennifer, who was born in Kenya.[3][4][5]
  • Musical album which is titled Uhiko by Masha Mapenzi who is an Afro-fusion singer.

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