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Somebody getting a wedgie

A wedgie happens when a person's underwear is forcibly pulled up their buttocks. A wedgie can be given by bullies to humiliate their target, or as a prank between friends. Wedgies can be given from the front ("melvins") and in many other ways. They can cause the underwear to rip. They are very painful and are used in many situations. They are also very commonly shown in Low Comedy.

There are many forms of wedgies. Wedgies can be given along with a spanking. A hanging wedgie is when the underwear is hung on a hook. A bra connection wedgie is when a girl's underwear is hooked in her bra. "Atomic wedgies" are when the underwear is pulled over the victim's head. A "messy wedgie" is when food or other substances are put down the pants of the victim while wedgied. A "squeaky clean wedgie" is when the victim's underwear is pulled up at the front then the back creating friction. In a "bouncing wedgie", the person is bounced while in the wedgie.