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Whore is a 1991 British-American drama movie. It was directed by Ken Russell (no relation to actor Theresa Russell). A sequel unrelated to the movie, Whore II, was released in 1994.

Plot[change | change source]

Liz is a Los Angeles street prostitute. She is seen by the audience trying to get a customer from a busy downtown street. Liz tells the audience of her life and problems while the movie is airing. When a van stops by, Liz refuses to get in. That's because she was gang raped by several men the last time she got in a van. A passerby wanted to take Liz to the hospital. She refused, however, knowing the hospital would have contacted the police.

Liz is wanting to escape from her pimp Blake. He is violent, well-dressed and controlling.

When Liz stops off at a strip club, she talks about how she got involved in prostitution to begin with. She was a small town girl. She married a violent and drunk man named Charlie. Liz later had a son with him. She couldn't deal with him anymore. She left Charlie. She began working at a local diner.

Later, Liz met the pimp Blake. At first, Blake did some things for Liz. However, Blake has become as cruel and violent as Liz' husband. She decides to get away from Blake.

A local homeless man and street performer named Rasta takes Liz to a movie. Rasta is scary at first (he walks on broken glass for an act). But then Liz agrees. The scenes with Liz and Rasta at the movie alternate with Blake explaining his own life.

After the movie, Liz tells the audience of her son. Her son is under foster care. She finally has a customer. Liz treats him. But then the customer has a heart attack and dies. Blake comes onto the scene and tries to take the dead man's money. Blake then tries to strangle Liz. He threatens putting her son in gay prostitution. But Liz shouts to Blake: "I'll kill you first!" Before Blake can kill Liz, Rasta comes to her rescue, killing Blake. Liz laughs, gives her thanks, then walks away.

Cast[change | change source]

Production[change | change source]

Whore didn't have much support from movie studios. The movie was distributed and produced under the American home video company Trimark Pictures. This movie was filmed with a small shooting budget of just over $1 million.

Release[change | change source]

Whore was first shown at Sundance and Berlin International Film Festivals.[1]

Whore was rated NC-17 from the United States' MPAA for sexual situations and dialogue, and for some violence.[2] The movie wasn't given a wide release due to its NC-17 rating. The movie critics gave it mixed reviews.[3]

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