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Wiki Conference India
Wiki Conference India logo
Status Active
Venue Mumbai University (Fort Campus)
Location Mumbai, India (2011)
First held 2011
Organizer Mumbai Wikipedia Community,
Wikimedia India Chapter
Wikimedia Foundation
Filing status Non-profit
Official website Wiki Conference India 2011
Jimmy Wales during Wiki Conference India, 2011 at University Convension Hall, Mumbai
Wiki Conference India 2011 Poster in Hindi

Wiki Conference India was a event held in India for users of Wikimedia projects. It was hosted by the Mumbai users of Wikimedia and Wikimedia India Chapter [1][2] with the help of the Wikimedia Foundation.[3] The conference is a national event happening every year for Wikimedia in India and people from all nations can participate in it. Its basically for things about India on Wikipedia and other sister projects in English and Indian languages.[2][4]

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