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This page is for reporting any mistakes the change filter makes.

If it warns you or stops you from making a helpful change, please report it here.

Himanshu Jaykar[change source]

I can't create my wikipedia page!..

Himanshu Jaykar (musical artist) is the great Indian musical artist who produce songs with other team members at Jaykar's music company on YouTube. Himanshu Jaykar is the CEO of Jaykar's Group and Jaykar's Music Company. He is also an Indian musical artist, influencer, fashion blogger and Instagram star. The artist holds great future of the inspire people ahead. The artist is independent and likes to remain busy in his work right now.

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Himanshu Jaykar[change source]

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Hamza Hamry[change source]

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Description: Hamza Hamry He is a Tunisian athlete who obtained many local, African and international championships, the most important of which was twice the African champion in Judo in 2014 and 2016. Many media and TV channels talked about him. I want to publish an article about it. Thank you.

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I want to publish an article on Hamza Hamry that meets all criteria

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Untold lines[change source]

"Untold lines"

An Indian YouTube channel, which uploads poetry on National Or international issues. They write their original poem.

This is my friend's channel, So go and support him. YouTube:-

Instagram :-


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