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Wikipedia:Non-admin closure

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Often, deletion discussions are closed by administrators. However, sometimes people who are not admins are allowed to close them instead.

Administrators have the delete tool, so they are the only people who are allowed to close articles as "delete". If the discussion is obviously a "keep", then non-admins are allowed to close the discussion. Non-administrators should stay clear of anything too controversial.

Like this, bureaucrats are the only people who can close requests for adminship and bot flags as successful, as they are the only users who can give users the flags. Non-crats are allowed to close requests for adminship as "failed", as long as it is obvious, for example, if a nomination is eligible for speedy closure.

Any editor in good standing is allowed to close check-usership and oversighter requests, as only stewards are able to promote users to those positions. They do not have to be administrators or bureaucrats.