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Wikipedia:Patent nonsense

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Patent nonsense in Wikipedia has 2 meanings:

  1. Total nonsense, especially random text that looks like a person was typing randomly on the keyboard. For example, alksjdhfklajsdhlfkja7asldkfjsdla)2i10ksjdja0e8xnck, ccccccccccccccccccccccccccccc, and b b b b b b b <><>||&&%(!@#$%^&*() b b b b
  2. Content that looks correct but cannot be understood at all. An example is this: "Homer simpsons being hulk to destroy the radioactive man is homer but this the clone homer daffy duck being green lantern to destroy sinestro is tazmania but this the original tazmania SpongeBob bob being mermaid man to destroy aquaman is patrick but this the original patrick."

If you find patent nonsense, remove it from the article, you may move it to the talk page of the author. For a new article if all of the page had nothing other than patent nonsense, mark it for quick deletion with {{Qd-nonsense}}

This does not include bad writing, bad words, vandalism, things that are fake or impossible, or parts which are not in English.