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The Simple News
The Simple News
Next Delivery: 3rd April 2011


The team

Welcome to Simple News, a monthly newsletter for Simple English Wikipedia. The latest Issue contains:

  • Latest announcements!
    • Interesting statistics and useful information. Number of articles, new Good Articles or Very Good articles, number of users etc.
  • Information regarding administrators:
    • Keep up to date with the latest goings-on at WP:RFA, think you missed something? Look here and find out!
  • Look for future Issues!

Subscribe[change source]

So if you are interested in receiving this new newsletter, simply go to Subscribe and fill in your details. A bot will deliver your newsletter direct to your talk page!

If you want to unsubscribe at any time, simply remove your name from the list!

The Editors[change source]

Simple News is written by volunteer editors, which means they do not get paid to do it. If you want to help out for multiple issues, please create a page within Simple News with your username, for example "Wikipedia:Simple News/Example", and let us know that you are contributing at Wikipedia:Simple News/Newsroom. If you only wish to help sometimes, please list it at that page.