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The Simple News
The Simple News
Issue Twenty Five
15th November 2010
In the News

Simple News returns, Did you know looking for more people to join

Simple News is back!

This month a couple of editors resurrected Simple News. We'll continue to bring you the same news as in past years, nothing's changed it's still being written by the community, for the community. You are all welcome to contribute if you like, stories can range anything from News items to Sports to Wikimedia Foundation related news. If you know of something interesting that you feel like writing about, be bold and DO IT!

Did you know

... that Did you know needs more hooks? If you know of or come across an interesting fact from any article that meets the requirements to be featured in the "Did you know" section of the main page, be bold and submit it! The lovely folks at Did you know are always looking for more hooks and active contributors to join the project. So why sit there and wait? Jump in today!

Increased IP vandalism

There's been an increase in vandalism by IPs since late October across all projects, on the Simple English Wikipedia vandalism is picked up by a dedicated group of users who participate in Recent changes patrol on the [1] channel.

Who am I?

Most Simple News readers may not have seen or heard of me before, well I'm a user on the English Wikipedia (under the same username) and I've been editing for quite some time. This is the first, hopefully not the last, article that I've written for Simple News and I hope that with each one it brings you as much excitement to read (yeah right :P) as it does for me to write.

Until next time!

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