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The Simple News

Next up for the QandA interview is Majorly, with guest interviewer Meetare Shappy Cunkelfratz!. Lets see how he gets on...

Let's get started then. Please tell me a bit about yourself; Who are you, what do you do?

I'm a university student from near Manchester, UK, training to be a primary school teacher

Cool. :) That sounds like it's an interesting job. Tell me, what do you like most about Wikipedia?

The fact there's always something to do. You can never get bored with it.

I definitely agree. That's the only reason I've stayed for so long. :P How'd you stumble across Wikipedia?

I knew about Wikipedia for ages, but had no idea you could actually edit it. Then in April 2006, a friend of mine showed me a page they created on Uncyclopedia. And I thought to myself - I can make a better page! So I did, and was rather sad that I didn't create an account beforehand, so I could be credited with it. The page has long since been deleted.

Moving on, I joined Wikipedia in June 2006 - remembering Uncyclopedia, I noticed there were some people missing from the list of left-handed people page. So I created my account, and using my Schott's Miscellany, I added three people. Using the minor edit button, and perfect wiki-markup! But I did not cite my source and I had not mastered the edit summary yet. What really sucked me in was editing Big Brother articles - these introduced me to talk pages, wikiprojects, admins, AFD, RFA... pretty much everything I know about Wikipedia stems from those early days on the Big Brother articles. Ah, the memories. I joined Simple English Wikipedia a few months later, when I began to explore English Wikipedia's sister projects. I also joined Meta-wiki around that time too.

Wow! It seems like you've had a long history on wiki.

Quite long, yes.

You've been an admin on a couple big projects and a small project. What's the contrast like?

There isn't a lot of difference, except on smaller projects, admins have a lot more control as the proportion of admins to regular editors is higher. It's all the same though really.

I would definitely imagine. So, what do you like the least about Wikipedia?

I would have to say the people who spoil it: vandals, POV pushers, and anti-social people.

Good heavens yes. Is there one thing in particular you'd like to change?

I'd like all editors to have an account, and not edit through an IP. There are many more things I'd like to change too, but if I had just one, I'd pick that

Hmm. Any last things you'd like to say, shout-outs etc. ?


Well thanks for that Majorly! Look out for more QandA interviews in future editions!

Meetare Shappy Cunkelfratz! 13:58, 20 June 2009 (UTC)