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News[change source]


In my previous article, I wrote how the WikiMedia Foundation (WMF) was looking for comments about updating the copyright licenses for all of its projects (which includes the Simple English Wikipedia). As many of you have probably seen, the results (meta:Licensing update/Result) have been posted. 17462 eligible votes were cast and 75.8% of those were in support of the new license change. As a result, on June 15, 2009 (or shortly after), all WMF projects (including us) will be dual licensed under the GFDL and CC-BY-SA licenses.

Future[change source]

With the new licence, it should be easier for us to use content from the English Wikipedia. How exactly this will work is probably something that will be figured out first on the English Wikipedia and then we'll need to adapt it to our own project. For that reason, I have blanked Wikipedia talk:Copyrights so that we have room to work together and change the copyright notices and attribution templates for use with the new license. It will also, hopefully, contain a FAQ section to answer some questions about what is permitted or not permitted, once the new license is in effect. So, if you have questions, please post them there!