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The Simple News

Welcome to the first ever QandA on the Simple English Signpost. This should be a good idea. Every month, User:Kennedy will interview someone, asking them about themselves and their opinions on Wikipedia. So look out for the monthly interview, featuring some top editors soon.[source?]

Lets kick off with our first user, User:Microchip08!

So, tell me a little about yourself, where you are from, what do you do?
  • I'm Microchip08, from Hampshire (same as tholly). I've been actively editing for about six months, but have had an account for about a year. I'm part of the Small Wiki Monitoring Team, so I've now got an account on a ridiculous number of WMF projects. I've got 132 accounts on various Wikimedias, but only about six I edit regularly
Tell us, what is the Small Wiki Monitoring team?
  • It's a small project run mainly by the Counter Vandalism Unit (, which reverts vandalism on small wikis of the WMF. You can help revert vandalism by joining #cvn-sw
Thats good. So, what got you into editing on Wikipedia?
  • My first edit was at 10:20, on 23 Oct 06 here. I started editing ENWP in earnest in April next year. I started editing in order to be different, as no-one else I knew was editing Wikimedia. I soon discovered the Wikimedia Foundation, and branched out onto a few other projects. I don't edit them very often, but I know they're there.
Is there anything you don't like about Wikipedia?
  • On EN it's the drama, and the fact that there's no place for humour, whereas on SEWP, everyone's very lighhearted. There's also no drama, until this month, but that's all over now. I enjoy the fact that on SEWP you can create articles, on EN you have to write about uber-obscure things. Once I somehow managed to get onto my watchlist was "List of stamps of Japan with birds " or something. I've got into the other Wikimedia projects recently, and only SEWMF ones. I'm not going too close to q:, for obvious reasons, but it's active. wikt: isn't my cup of tea, so I'm now working on Wikibooks.
Is there anything you are proud of doing in Wikipedia? A favourite edit, or something you are glad you got the chance to do?
  • I'm proud of refactoring the {{QD}} template, although I look at it now and it seems really easy, but I enjoyed it. I'm glad I'm part of SEWP; if I hadn't heard of it, I would have stopped editing Wikipedia ages ago. Anyway, I'm definitely a metapedian.
I don't really know what else, so I think that will do nicely. Unless there is some questions you want to ask yourself?
  • Not that I can think of. But a plug of b: would be nice ;)

*kennedy wonders if he should take up journalism...

  • No. Please don't.