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The Simple News

As do some other people, I edit on both the English Wikipedia and here at Simple. Man, is there a world of difference between the two! At EN, there is always drama. On pages like WT:RFA and WP:ANI, not a second goes by between dramatic arguments. There is constant argument about adminship, ages of editors, and countless edit wars.
At Simple, there pretty much aren't too many edit wars. Sockpuppetry has dramatically cooled off, and we only have 1 or 2 RFAs on at the same time. Our community is small, and we pretty much all get along. There are plenty of articles to work on here, and The Rambling Man has improved our PGA and PVGA processes leaps and bounds! We seem to be on the upswing!
We are a growing community, and we always need more editors. If you know of someone who would enjoy editing Simple, by all means feel free to invite them! :)