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Jeff Tesreau wearing the baseball uniform of the New York Giants around 1912–18

A baseball uniform is a kind of clothing that baseball players wear. They do this to show which of the two baseball teams they play for. Most baseball uniforms have the names and uniform numbers of players who wear them on the uniform somewhere, usually on the backs of the uniforms to tell different baseball players from each other. Baseball shirts, pants, shoes, socks, caps, and gloves are parts of baseball uniforms. Most uniforms have different logos and colors to tell which team is which.

Baseball uniforms were first worn by the New York Knickerbockers Baseball Club in the 1800s. Their uniforms were pants made of blue wool, white flannel shirts and straw hats. Since then, the uniforms have gone through many changes. More items, ideas, and many other improvements were done and added to baseball uniforms over the years. The style of baseball uniforms also changed, little by little over time.

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