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A wheel war is a fight between two or more administrators in which they undo one another's administrative actions — for example, unblocking and reblocking a user; undeleting and redeleting; or unprotecting and reprotecting a page. Do not undo another administrator's action when that administrator opposes it. Do not continue a chain of administrative reversals without discussion.

Example[change source]

  • John blocks Mary
  • Ted unblocks Mary
  • John reblocks Mary
  • Ted unblocks Mary.

Alternatives[change source]

If you feel the urge to wheel war, try these alternatives:

Wikipedia works on the spirit of consensus. Disputes should be settled through civil discussion rather than power wrestling. It is not fair to the community.

Results[change source]

A wheel war can result in an emergency desysop by a bureaucrat for a period, until the community can decide if a formal desysop should happen.