Windows Phone

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Windows Phone
Windows Phone 8 logo and wordmark.svg
Company / developer Microsoft Corporation
Programmed in C, C++[1]
OS family Windows
Working state Current
Source model Closed-source
Initial release
Latest stable release Windows Phone 8.10(8.01.10211.204) / December 20, 2012
Available language(s) 25+ languages[2]
Package manager Zune Software, Windows Phone App ,Windows Phone Store ,xap on Windows phone 8 and later
Supported platforms Qualcomm Snapdragon (Based on ARM V.7 or later)
Kernel type

Monolithic (Windows CE) (Windows Phone 7)

Hybrid (Windows NT) (Windows Phone 8)
Default user interface Graphical (Metro UI)
License Commercial proprietary software
Official website

Windows Phone (formerly Windows Mobile) is an operating system by Microsoft for mobile phones. It is less popular than Android and iOS.[source?]

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