Wolf's Lair

Coordinates: 54°04′49″N 21°29′39″E / 54.0804°N 21.4941°E / 54.0804; 21.4941
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Wolf's Lair
Part of Führerhauptquartiere
Gierłoż Forest, Kętrzyn County, present-day Poland
Hitler's reinforced bunker at the Wolfsschanze
Coordinates54°04′49″N 21°29′39″E / 54.0804°N 21.4941°E / 54.0804; 21.4941
TypeBlast-resistant camouflaged concrete bunkers
Site information
OwnerPolish Government
Controlled byWilcze Gniazdo
Open to
the public
ConditionMostly destroyed (in ruins)
Site history
Built1941 (1941)
(completed on 21 June 1941)
Built byHochtief AG
Organisation Todt
In use3½ years
Materials2 m (6 ft 7 in) steel-reinforced concrete
FatePartially demolished by retreating German forces 24–25 January 1945
Events20 July Plot
Garrison information
SS-Gruppenführer Johann Rattenhuber
OccupantsAdolf Hitler
Nazi Germany
Oberkommando der Wehrmacht

Wolf's Lair (German: Wolfsschanze; Polish: Wilczy Szaniec) was Adolf Hitler's first Eastern Front military headquarters in World War II. The complex became one of several Führer Headquarters in parts of Eastern Europe. Organisation Todt built it for the start of Operation Barbarossa – the invasion of the Soviet Union – in 1941. It is also the site of the 20 July Plot in 1944.