Words for the Dying

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Words for the Dying is the eleventh studio album by multi-instrumentalist John Cale. It was released in September 1989. It was produced by Brian Eno.

Track listing[change | change source]

  1. "Introduction"
  2. "There Was a Saviour"
  3. "Interlude I"
  4. "On A Wedding Anniversary"
  5. "Interlude II"
  6. "Lie Still, Sleep Becalmed"
  7. "Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night"
  8. "Songs Without Words I"
  9. "Songs Without Words II"
  10. "The Soul Of Carmen Miranda"

Personnel[change | change source]

  • John Cale − vocals, guitar, bass guitar, organ, viola
  • Nell Catchpole − violin
  • Brian Eno − keyboards
  • The Orchestra of Symphonic & Popular Music of Gostelradio
  • The Choir of Llandaff Cathedral Choir School