World Money Fair

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The World Money Fair is an international bourse of coins. A bourse is where dealers, collectors and the public to buy, sell and trade coins.

In 1970 A. M Beck founded in Muinch the "Organisation of European Coins-Bourses", "Organisation Europäischer Münzen-Börsen" (OEMB) in German. He had the idea to build up a stronger market for the collecting of coins.

Two years later the organisation organized in Basel the 1st international bourse of coins. During the time it was developed to the "World Money Fair". Today more than 40 nations are members of this organisation. In 2006, the bourse is at the 1st time in Berlin. At the start the German Secretary of State Karl Diller presented the new German 2 Euro Coin. It shows the Holstentor of Lübeck.