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WSOP or the World Series of Poker is one among the biggest poker tournaments in the gambling world, which has been organized officially, in 1970. The bracelet of WSOP, along with the cash prize of millions of dollars, fascinates many players from the entire world that are keen to play poker in this tournament. This tournament is an apex of interest to all poker players. A mere participation of a poker player seems to appeal towards pride.

Main event[change | change source]

The WSOP event is conducted once in a year and thousands of poker players participates in it. There are the buy-ins ranging from $1500 - $10,000 and in most of the cases, playing by means of primary purchase is supposed by the players. Buy-ins as well as rebuys is also allowed in some games while in some other games if there are no chips with a player he would not be allowed for purchasing any more chips.

How to qualify[change | change source]

Anyone who wants to participate in World Series of Poker should get acquainted with the following things:

  • Players are able to register[permanent dead link] both online or in-person.
  • Payment is required for pre-registration, which is revised every year. Payments can be made in terms of debit cards, credit cards, cashier checks or wire transfers.
  • WSOP requires the pre-registration to be done at least prior to two weeks of the starting of the event. Beyond that time no registration would be entertained.
  • The validation of the participants should be done with proof as they must be at least of the age of 21 years.
  • For participating in the event, the proofs for adequate identification must be produced such as passport, driver’s license or any other form of valid ID card.
  • To enter into the WSOP event, the chips of prescribed value must be purchased. No cash payments are entertained instead there entertained RIO chips for purchasing for making payments in the rounds.
  • No re-entries are permitted, only one person can enter through a single entry.
  • Registration of third party on behalf of the candidate is not permitted in World Series of Poker, self-registration is must.
  • Players who are restricted to play in casinos as per the government norms are ineligible for the games of WSOP.

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