Wular Lake

Coordinates: 34°20′N 74°36′E / 34.333°N 74.600°E / 34.333; 74.600
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Wular Lake
جھیل ولر
Wular Lake
LocationJammu and Kashmir, India
Coordinates34°20′N 74°36′E / 34.333°N 74.600°E / 34.333; 74.600
TypeFreshwater Lake
Primary inflowsJhelum River
Primary outflowsJhelum River
Basin countriesIndia
Max. length16 km (9.9 mi)
Max. width9.6 km (6.0 mi)[1]
Surface area12 to 100 sq mi (31 to 259 km2)
Max. depth14 m (46 ft)
Surface elevation1,580 m (5,180 ft)
IslandsZainul Lank
Designated23 March 1990
Reference no.461[2]

Wular Lake (also spelt Wullar) is one of the largest fresh water lakes in Asia. It is in the Jammu and Kashmir, between the cities of Sopore and Bandipore. The lake was formed as a result of tectonic activity and is the largest freshwater lake in Asia.

The Jhelum River feeds into the lake, which acts as a natural flood reservoir. The size can vary between 12 to 100 sq mi (31 to 259 km2), depending on the season Tulbul project is on wular lake

History[change | change source]

The Kashmiri sultan Zain-ul-Abidin is reputed to have ordered the construction of the artificial island of Zaina Lank in the middle of the lake in 1444.[3]

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