Xhosa people

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Total population
7.9 million (2001, est.)
Regions with significant populations
Eastern Cape: 5.4 million

Western Cape: 1.1 million
Gauteng: 0.7 million
Free State: 0.25 million
Kwazulu-Natal: 0.22 million

(2001 estimates1)
Xhosa (many also speak Zulu, English, and/or Afrikaans)
African Traditional Religion, Christianity
Related ethnic groups
Nguni, Basotho, Zulu, other Bantu people and South Africans
 person  umXhosa
 people  amaXhosa
 language  isiXhosa

The Xhosa (Xhosa: amaXhosa) are an ethnic group living in South Africa. About 18% of people in South Africa are Xhosa. The Xhosa language, called isiXhosa, is a Bantu language of the Nguni subgroup, like Zulu.

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