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Coordinates: 32°5′58.62″N 34°48′40.28″E / 32.0996167°N 34.8111889°E / 32.0996167; 34.8111889

The Yarkon River in the park

Yarkon Park (Hebrew: פארק הירקון, Park HaYarkon) is a park in Tel Aviv, Israel, and also a very big public urban park in the north of the Tel Aviv Metropolitan Area. The park is also called the Joshua Gardens (Ganei Yehoshua) after 7th mayor of Tel Aviv, Yehoshua Rabinovitz. The park extends along the Yarkon River until the river's mouth next to the Yarkon River Peninsula, where it flows into the Mediterranean Sea near to the Reading Power Station. It finishes in Petah Tikva. The largest part of the park runs along the cities of Ramat Gan and Bnei Brak. The river finishes near to Rosh HaAyin in the Yarkon National garden. The park has many facilities, such as sports facilities, botanical gardens, an aviary, a water park, two outdoor concert venues and artificial lakes. The Ayalon River flows into the Yarkon River in the park after coming from a channel inside Road 20.

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