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Yasmin Hani

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Yasmin Hani Ismail Richardson (born 11 June 1979). Originally from Kuala Lumpur. Is an actor, Emcee and TV Presenter in Malaysia. Yasmin used to be an Era FM radio presenter.

Yasmin Hani first gained popularity as an artist when her talent began to gain attention through the entertainment program, Muzik @ Ria produced by Astro, since 1999-2008. Yasmin also hosted a reality show, Keynote and many more.

Yasmin Hani and her friends are also active in carrying out charity work helping those called street dwellers through her participation with the Reach Organization (Reach Org) which is run in collaboration with talent scouts, Kleo & Tony. He actively helps a number of people whose lives are impoverished behind skyscrapers, in the back alleys of a cosmopolitan city like Kuala Lumpur. They sleep in the company of dew, they don't change their clothes, they even eat and drink, hoping for mercy.