Yitzhak Livni

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Livni in May 2015

Yitzhak Livni (17 October 1934 – 12 February 2017) was an Israeli media personality and journalist. He served as editor of the magazines Bamahane Nahal (1956–1961) and Bamahane (1961–1971). He was the head of IDF's radio station Galatz (1968–1974). He was also the CEO of the Israel Broadcasting Authority (1974–1979).

Livni was born in Łódź, Poland. He moved to Tel Aviv as a child. He was married to poet Dahlia Ravikovitch in the 1960s. He was later married to Knesset member Eti Livni. They had three children.

Livni died on 12 February 2017, at the age of 82.[1]

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