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The Knesset
23rd Knesset
Coat of arms or logo
Yariv Levin, Likud
Since 17 May 2020
Benjamin Netanyahu, Likud
Since 31 March 2009
Yair Lapid, Yesh Atid
Since 17 May 2020
2020 Knesset.svg
Political groups
Party-list proportional representation
D'Hondt method
Last election
2 March 2020
Meeting place
Knesset Building (South Side).JPG
Knesset, Givat Ram, West Jerusalem, Israel

The Knesset (Hebrew: הכנסת‎ - lit. HaKnesset; meaning the gathering[1] or assembly; Arabic: الكنيست‎) is the legislative branch of the government of Israel. It makes laws, elects the president and prime minister, supervises the work of the government, and has the power to remove the President and the State Comptroller from office and to call new elections. The Knesset has de jure authority to make and change any laws without being overturned. It can pass any law by a simple majority. There are 120 members in the Knesset.

The Knesset is in Givat Ram, a western central neighbourhood of Jerusalem.

Current Knesset is the 23rd Knesset, elected on March 2, 2020 and sworn in on March 16, 2020.[2]

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Knesset building from the inside