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Yuki Onna means 'Snow woman' in Japanese. It is a kind of frost spirit, or yōkai, in Japanese mythology that usually appears as a beautiful woman in a white robe with long black hair. In some stories, the Yuki Onna is good and helps people in the mountains. In other stories, she is evil and freezes people.

Yuki onna may also be known as yuki-musume[1] ("snow daughter"), yuki-onago ("snow girl"), yukijorō[1] (雪女郎, "snow woman"), yuki anesa ("snow sis'"), yuki-onba[2] ("snow granny" or "snow nanny"), yukinba[2] ("snow hag") in Ehime, yukifuri-baba[1] ("snowfall hag") in Nagano.[2] Yuki-onna also has many names that come from the Japanese word for icicle, like tsurara-onna, kanekori-musume and shigama-nyōbō.

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