Yun Il-sun

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In this Korean name, the family name is Yun.
Yun Il-seon (윤일선)
Yun Il-seon.PNG
Yun Il-seon, in Toykyo
Born October 5, 1896
Tokyo, Japan
Died June 22, 1987
Jongno-gu, Seoul, South Korea
Occupation Politician, pathologist, anatomist
Children Yun Seok-gu, Yun Tak-gu
Parent(s) Yun Chi-oh, Lee Suk-kyung

Yun Il-sun (Korean: 윤일선; 尹日善, October 5, 1896 - June 22, 1987) was a South Korean pathologist, anatomist and politician. He was Vice Chairman (1954-1956) and 6th Chairman (1956 to 1960) of the University of Seoul. He was the nephew of Korean resistance leader Yun Chi-ho and elder cousin of Yun Po-sun, the 4th President of South Korea. His pen name was Dongho.

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