Zdzislawa Wiszniewska-Bednarek

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Zdzislawa Wiszniewska-Bednarek
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SSA Warsaw

Zdzislawa Wiszniewska-Bednarek was a Polish female basketball player and Czech handball player. She was a member of SSA Warsaw, the Poland women's national basketball team and the Poland women's national Czech handball team playing as an halfback.

She competed with the national basketball team in the 1934 Women's World Games basketball tournament, where they didn't reached the final and where classified third.[1] She represented Italy three years later at the 1937 International University Games.[2] With the national team she won the bronze medal at EuroBasket Women 1938 in Rome, the first official women's basketball championships.[3]

With the national Czech Handball team she also competed at the World Games in the 1934 Women's World Games Czech handball tournament. Ahead of the main tournament in London, they lost the qualifier match in Zagreb against France and were excluded from further competition.[1]

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